Wall Systems Supply

About Us

Wall Systems Supply is a unique concept in the building materials industry. A distributor with a storied past, Wall Systems Supply is family owned and operated for over 20 years. Founded by Salvatore Mattioli and Steve Godoy, Wall Systems Supply has decades old roots in exterior and interior coatings. After working for many years with Sal’s father, a widely heralded painter and business owner in New York, Sal and Steve started their own venture in the stucco business. Initially as applicators in the 1980s, Sal and Steve used only the finest materials available to them. Their access to these materials and their dedication to quality and customer service were at the heart of their early success, but they did not stop there.

Importing stuccos and plasters from Italy gave Sal and Steve the opportunity to begin distributing these materials in the United States. Wall Systems Supply began its distribution operations by importing stuccos from “Ciderplast” and later from Viero in Italy. When Viero’s operations began to lag in Europe, Wall Systems Supply was introduced to Parex of France. “Le Parex” as it is known in Europe, was a leading brand looking to grow its business aggressively into the United States. Wall Systems Supply became the exclusive distributor of Parex in the New York and New Jersey area in 1991, and has been Parex’s top distributor in the United States for 12 consecutive years. Wall Systems Supply is also Parex’s largest distributor! Request a sample of one of Parex’s various stucco products.

Distribution of building materials is not, in itself, a unique concept. Although Wall Systems Supply continues to pride itself on servicing its customers tirelessly, this isn’t necessarily unique. Wall Systems Supply has distinguished itself in the non-stop efforts that it makes to educate its customers. Rather than building typical distribution warehouses with a sales counter, Wall Systems Supply has invested in the construction of Education Centers throughout the Tri-State area. With interactive displays demonstrating the proper installation and application of all of its products, Wall Systems Supply’s locations are geared toward educating and serving Architects, Developers, General Contractors, Applicators and Owners of residential and commercial properties. Get directions to our showrooms and locations.

In addition to its interactive displays, Wall Systems Supply offers year-round training at its Education Centers. From the Annual Parex Certification Seminar to daily training sessions, Wall Systems Supply offers hands-on education on everything from OSHA Safety to Interior Mouldings to Venetian Plaster. Wall Systems Supply also conducts AIA Accredited seminars for Architects throughout the year. Sign up for a training seminar.

Wall Systems Supply’s Employees are vendor-trained on an ongoing basis so that they, too, can drive customer education for all of the products that the company distributes. In addition to having application advisors in each location, Wall Systems Supply has a team of field application advisors that work daily throughout the Tri-State area to ensure that jobs are done right from specification to installation.

Wall Systems Supply is not limited to EIFS, stucco, and mortar. Wall Systems Suplly is now a leading distrubutor of Mer-Krete Stone and Tile setting materials.

Recognizing its customers’ need for a one-stop-shop, Wall Systems Supply distrubutes virtually everything that the applicator coud imagine: scaffolding, Wind-Lock tools and accessories, Simpson fasteners and fastening systems, Sika sealants, TrimRight™ coated and uncoated architectural mouldings, metal/vinyl lath and lath accessories, Montair drain screens, Tyvek stucco wrap, Jumbo-Tex products, Marshalltown products, and more… All of our products are available every day inevery location!

Wall Systems Supply is also one of the leading distributors of steel and vinyl products for stucco in the Northeast. With a massive inventory of wire lath and accessories, and vinyl track and bead, Wall Systems Supply has everything the applicator needs in stock and ready to be delivered.

In addition to over 34,000 square feet of warehouse space, Wall Systems supply maintains a fleet of company-owned trucks and vans. With both same-day and next-day delivery, customers can count on Wall Systems Supply to bring all of their materials where they need it, when they need it.